Elon in the Crosshairs

“Stephenson points out that the Cybertruck shows the bad kind of futurism, the kind that believes the future is something that happens to us, rather than that we dream and then create ourselves—meaning that a “futuristic” design is one that looks like “what we think the future is going to be” rather than what weContinue reading “Elon in the Crosshairs”

Google vs Apple

“Apple is on the right side of this battle—it has no direct interest in fueling the ad industry, albeit it’s clearly not immune from data collection and advertising itself. But Apple has adopted privacy as a USP, and has gone toe to toe with Facebook and the ad industry with the crackdown on browser andContinue reading “Google vs Apple”

Social media 9/11

“European Commissioner Thierry Breton of France told the news website Politico that the storming of the Capitol was akin to a 9/11 moment for social media.” Twitter, Facebook and Co.: The Growing Problem of Online Radicalization – DER SPIEGEL – International https://www.spiegel.de/international/world/twitter-facebook-and-co-the-growing-problem-of-online-radicalization-a-a6291e38-b7fb-46fa-8667-498a363ec06d via Instapaper


“They argued that “Facebook’s algorithms have coaxed many Americans into sharing more extreme views on the platform — rewarding them with likes and shares for posts on subjects like election fraud conspiracies, Covid-19 denialism and anti-vaccination rhetoric.”” 🔮 Massive AI models; social media extremism; carbon dioxide removal; resilient cities, chastity cages & renting people ++Continue reading “Think”

Interview with Gerd, in Spanish

“Eso significa que vamos a tener muchísimos datos para analizar, podemos hacer cambios y predecir. Con toda esta información podremos dar saltos enormes incluso en energías renovables, en 10 años podremos tener fusiones nucleares y en 30 años solucionar el problema de la energía.” ‘La tecnología no es nuestro salvador, ni una religión, ni unContinue reading “Interview with Gerd, in Spanish”