Travel post COVID

“Then, as travel was canceled for the rest of 2020, corporates realized just how much they were saving on travel costs. For HSBC it was about $300 million according to the bank’s most recent results. But a slow resurgence is now underway. According to data from TravelPerk, a travel management company for businesses, U.S. domesticContinue reading “Travel post COVID”

Covid security theatre

“Sometimes this obsession with risk turns into what the Atlantic’s Derek Thompson calls “hygiene theater.” It has been apparent that the virus overwhelmingly spreads by breathing, not by touching surfaces. Yet businesses have made a great show of sanitizing everything, as if activities such as indoor dining are somehow safe if only the tables areContinue reading “Covid security theatre”

Remote work is here to stay

“Workers still have to show up at a factory and assemble products, and quality control may demand overseas travel from time to time, but many other activities—including investment due diligence, relationship-building with suppliers and customers, and even research and development—have unexpectedly and perhaps permanently gone remote” These Technologies Could Hold Back Business Travel Indefinitely reading “Remote work is here to stay”

Rethinking Friedman

“Markets must play a role in solving our problems — but we cannot solve our problems without a more nuanced understanding of where markets work — as well as understanding their limits. In other words, what’s necessary in reimagining capitalism is not just a technical shift but a mind-shift. Our opportunity today is to moveContinue reading “Rethinking Friedman”

New NGOs

“In the world of “Reconfigured humanity”, the focus shifts from the “welfare of capital” to “human welfare”. The response to COVID-19 demonstrates the benefits of collaboration across sectors and the power of political will and international cooperation. Some iNGOs prove their ability to respond quickly to the needs of marginalized populations where funding is madeContinue reading “New NGOs”

NGOs post covid

“Oxfam, one of the world’s leading aid agencies, announced last week it is to phase out its offices in 18 countries and cut 1,500 jobs, or one third of its staff, because of the financial strain caused by the pandemic.” Geneva NGOs face uncertain future due to Covid-19 funding impact via Instapaper