Degrowth ?

“Where an optimist might see, in the decoupling of the past few decades, signs that growth and climate solutions can coexist, a pessimist might find the degrowth diagnosis more persuasive: that our growth-focused society clearly isn’t up to the task of solving climate change.” Can we save the planet by shrinking the economy? viaContinue reading “Degrowth ?”

Peak populism

“Extremist leaders remain in power in some of the world’s most populous democracies. But even some of those strongmen are now starting to face a real reversal of fortune. Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain known for his extremist rhetoric and open nostalgia for Brazil’s departed military dictatorship, unexpectedly assumed the country’s presidency in 2019.Continue reading “Peak populism”

Too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing: Technology’s Future>Why we must act now — COGNITIVE WORLD

Within the next five years, I think we are going to see new stock markets emerge (such as the still-nascent LTSE in San Francisco) where companies that operate on the premise of “People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity” will be listed. EUROPE should seize this opportunity and take the lead! — Read on

Travel post COVID

“Then, as travel was canceled for the rest of 2020, corporates realized just how much they were saving on travel costs. For HSBC it was about $300 million according to the bank’s most recent results. But a slow resurgence is now underway. According to data from TravelPerk, a travel management company for businesses, U.S. domesticContinue reading “Travel post COVID”

Algoritmos não podem aprender sentimentos, diz futurólogo Gerd Leonhard | Suplementos | Valor Econômico

Algoritmos não podem aprender sentimentos, diz futurólogo Gerd Leonhard | Suplementos | Valor Econômico — Read on

Education futures

“This requires a shift in mindset in which teachers stop thinking of themselves as the repository of knowledge that must be transferred to fill the children’s empty brains. Instead they need to be thinking of themselves as stimulators of the native curiosity and capability of children to explore and learn.” An Education Revolution An EducationContinue reading “Education futures”