EO Wilson half earth plan

“Only about 3% of the animal biomass left on the Earth’s land surface is wild, the other 97% being humans and our food animals. Wilson’s plan, if we were to pursue it, would address this shocking imbalance. It has the additional advantage of efficiently pulling vast amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere.” Kim StanleyContinue reading “EO Wilson half earth plan”

Apple Amazon and Solar

“Apple announced it would build a battery-based energy storage facility in California that will store 240 megawatt-hours or enough to power 7,000 homes for one day. Apple’s brand visibility (and a hefty pile of cash) make this push into renewables important for additional company shifts into this space. Amazon, for example, is busy building itsContinue reading “Apple Amazon and Solar”

Larry Fink on the decarbonization Revolution

“Scientists agree that in order to meet the Paris Agreement goal of containing global warming to “well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial averages” by 2100, human-produced emissions need to decline by 8-10% annually between 2020 and 2050 and achieve “net zero” by mid-century. The economy today remains highly dependent on fossil fuels, as is reflectedContinue reading “Larry Fink on the decarbonization Revolution”