Social media 9/11

“European Commissioner Thierry Breton of France told the news website Politico that the storming of the Capitol was akin to a 9/11 moment for social media.” Twitter, Facebook and Co.: The Growing Problem of Online Radicalization – DER SPIEGEL – International via Instapaper


“They argued that “Facebook’s algorithms have coaxed many Americans into sharing more extreme views on the platform — rewarding them with likes and shares for posts on subjects like election fraud conspiracies, Covid-19 denialism and anti-vaccination rhetoric.”” 🔮 Massive AI models; social media extremism; carbon dioxide removal; resilient cities, chastity cages & renting people ++Continue reading “Think”

Rethinking Friedman

“Markets must play a role in solving our problems — but we cannot solve our problems without a more nuanced understanding of where markets work — as well as understanding their limits. In other words, what’s necessary in reimagining capitalism is not just a technical shift but a mind-shift. Our opportunity today is to moveContinue reading “Rethinking Friedman”

Triple bottom line recall

“Major companies like Brazil’s Natura and Danone’s North American operation are now B Corps, with other multinational corporations considering how to follow suit. To truly shift the needle, however, we need a new wave of TBL innovation and deployment. But even though my company, Volans, consults with companies on TBL implementation, frankly, I’m not sureContinue reading “Triple bottom line recall”

How will NGOs survive?

“But such approaches feel a bit like changing a warning sign on a poorly engineered aircraft – they still have a high likelihood of failure. It is unlikely that INGOs will survive, at least in their current form, without a direct full-frontal assault on the sector. With the external trends coming at rapid-fire pace, theyContinue reading “How will NGOs survive?”

New NGOs

“In the world of “Reconfigured humanity”, the focus shifts from the “welfare of capital” to “human welfare”. The response to COVID-19 demonstrates the benefits of collaboration across sectors and the power of political will and international cooperation. Some iNGOs prove their ability to respond quickly to the needs of marginalized populations where funding is madeContinue reading “New NGOs”

NGOs post covid

“Oxfam, one of the world’s leading aid agencies, announced last week it is to phase out its offices in 18 countries and cut 1,500 jobs, or one third of its staff, because of the financial strain caused by the pandemic.” Geneva NGOs face uncertain future due to Covid-19 funding impact via Instapaper