Algoritmos não podem aprender sentimentos, diz futurólogo Gerd Leonhard | Suplementos | Valor Econômico

Algoritmos não podem aprender sentimentos, diz futurólogo Gerd Leonhard | Suplementos | Valor Econômico — Read on

Elon in the Crosshairs

“Stephenson points out that the Cybertruck shows the bad kind of futurism, the kind that believes the future is something that happens to us, rather than that we dream and then create ourselves—meaning that a “futuristic” design is one that looks like “what we think the future is going to be” rather than what weContinue reading “Elon in the Crosshairs”

Google vs Apple

“Apple is on the right side of this battle—it has no direct interest in fueling the ad industry, albeit it’s clearly not immune from data collection and advertising itself. But Apple has adopted privacy as a USP, and has gone toe to toe with Facebook and the ad industry with the crackdown on browser andContinue reading “Google vs Apple”

Apple Amazon and Solar

“Apple announced it would build a battery-based energy storage facility in California that will store 240 megawatt-hours or enough to power 7,000 homes for one day. Apple’s brand visibility (and a hefty pile of cash) make this push into renewables important for additional company shifts into this space. Amazon, for example, is busy building itsContinue reading “Apple Amazon and Solar”

Clegg and Facebook

“Should a private company be intervening to shape the ideas that flow across its systems, above and beyond the prevention of serious harms like incitement to violence and harassment?” Clegg asks. “If so, who should make that decision? Should it be determined by an independent group of experts? Should governments set out what kinds ofContinue reading “Clegg and Facebook”

Education futures

“This requires a shift in mindset in which teachers stop thinking of themselves as the repository of knowledge that must be transferred to fill the children’s empty brains. Instead they need to be thinking of themselves as stimulators of the native curiosity and capability of children to explore and learn.” An Education Revolution An EducationContinue reading “Education futures”

Artificial Intelligence And The End Of Work

The startups and truck manufacturers developing self-driving truck technology today may not acknowledge it publicly, but the end game of their R&D efforts is not to augment human laborers (although that narrative always finds a receptive audience). It is to replace them. That is where the real value lies. Artificial Intelligence And The End OfContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence And The End Of Work”

Larry Fink on the decarbonization Revolution

“Scientists agree that in order to meet the Paris Agreement goal of containing global warming to “well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial averages” by 2100, human-produced emissions need to decline by 8-10% annually between 2020 and 2050 and achieve “net zero” by mid-century. The economy today remains highly dependent on fossil fuels, as is reflectedContinue reading “Larry Fink on the decarbonization Revolution”

Why Facebook is doomed

“The gap between Facebook’s public reputation and its financial success has never been greater,” Kurt Wagner of Bloomberg wrote this week.” On Tech: Facebook is hated — and rich via Instapaper