About Gerd Leonhard

Futurist and Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Film-Maker, Musician and CEO The Futures Agency

Gerd Leonhard is one of the top 10 futurist keynote speakers worldwide, with over 2,000 engagements in 60 countries and a combined audience of over 2.5 million people. Gerd focuses on the future of humanity and technology, digital ethics, artificial intelligence, future-leadership and foresights. His keynotes, speeches and presentations are renowned for their hard-hitting and provocative style; inspiring, humorous, motivational, and always personal.

He is also the author of five books. In his latest work, ‘Technology vs. Humanity’, futurism meets humanism in a ground-breaking manifesto of critical observation; exploring the megashifts that will radically alter our society, economy, values and even our biology.

Gerd is highly regarded as a global influencer and has advised many business leaders and government officials around the globe. His diverse list of clients include governments, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies. A true thought leader in the futurist space, Gerd is above all a dedicated humanist who believes that all technological progress should further collective human flourishing. His credo is simple: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity.

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