Covid security theatre

“Sometimes this obsession with risk turns into what the Atlantic’s Derek Thompson calls “hygiene theater.” It has been apparent that the virus overwhelmingly spreads by breathing, not by touching surfaces. Yet businesses have made a great show of sanitizing everything, as if activities such as indoor dining are somehow safe if only the tables are clean. Thompson is reminded of the “security theater” at airports after 9/11. An elaborate set of measures — toss away your water bottles! — was put into place to make people feel safe, much of it useless.”

Opinion | Our policymakers are still obsessing over risks but forgetting about rewards
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Published by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard ranks as one of the top 10 futurist keynote speakers, worldwide, with over 1500 engagements in 50+ countries during the past 2 decades and a combined audience of over 2.5 Million people. Gerd has written 5 books including the best-selling ‘Technology vs Humanity’ (2016), now available in 12 languages.  Gerd’s films on the future of technology and humanity, digital transformation and artificial intelligence have reached millions of viewers, and are regularly shown at many conferences and at in-house corporate trainings. Gerd’s client list includes most Fortune 500 companies as well as many governments and NGOs. Gerd is a global influencer in the field of digital ethics (the ethics of technology). He is a pioneering keynote speaker using animations, video and audio in fascinating new ways. 

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